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At Fresca Beauty, there’s all types of wax for everyone. If your sensitive, get easily red, swell up or even if you have low pain tolerance. There’s a fix for that! We offer 4 types of hard & soft wax to best fit for you. • A Cream based hard, that only sits onto the hair and not skin. Which makes your bikini wax absolutely 80% less painless • A Sugar paste that is all natural & gentle. %100 organic & does not break any hairs. Which also exfoliates your skin by removing all dead skin while getting waxed by leaving you extremely smooth! • A hypoallergenic wax that is the most gentle and smoothing wax out there for the face. So forget about getting red and irritated! • The most effective soft wax for full legs / body that picks up hairs as short as 1mm. So if your a shaver, don’t worry! We got you Don’t be Afraid of getting a full Brazilian! We have the best CBD / The Numbly Analgesic Spray combo, that is applied right before your wax to numb and ease any pain from your Brazilian wax! A must try! We always have a recommendation & Solution for everyone. So make sure prior to booking you let your esthetician know of any concerns or questions you may have , so we can book the best products/wax for you! To have the best experience at Fresca Beauty!

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